About NoiseCraft


NOISECRAFT (Noisecraft.io) is a web-based tool that generates a changing drum practice routine and allows you to play it with a metronome playback.
NoiseCraft generates a drumming practice routine based on a configurable set of parameters which let you customize the routine you want to generate. It builds a complete and diverse practice routine for you to follow, but still leaves you space for your own improvisation and fills.
Examples of different parameters which you can set when creating the required practice routine: weight (4:4 or 6:8), routine type, crash cymbals configuration, ride configuration, hi-hat configuration, drum fill configurations, etc.
Metronome configurations include: metronome sound type, volume and of course the tempo.
General configurations include: number of different grooves in a routine, number of repetitions for each groove, etc.
The difficulty and complexity of the routine can also be configured.
Once a practice routine is generated you can drum along to the metronome beep. The site will dynamically display the groove you need to play synchronized to the required tempo.
NoiseCraft is perfect for metronome practice and learning to play to a click, improving timekeeping skills, warming up, increasing your musical vocabulary, increasing your speed on the kit, improving improvisation ability and much more.

Some of the features offered on NoiseCraft.io:
· Automatic generation of a drumming practice routine based on your preferences
· Changing tempo and click volume on the go
· Configurable difficulty and complexity of the grooves
· Play along with a synchronized visual display and metronome
· Places for you to improvise and play the fills you like
· Configurable view of the generated drum routine
· NoiseCraft periodically changing featured routines
· NoiseCraft YouTube channel with dozens of interactive drum scores for the best songs
· More and more to come !

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Drum routines generated so far: 3280